Join a Group!! Groups help you connect with other people, learn more about God, and learn what's going on in the life of the church.

We have groups that meet on Sunday mornings that are called Sunday School.We also have groups that meet  during the week that are called LIFE Groups. 

Other ways to get involved is to simply check out the activities in the TuckstonNOW and join in. 


Sunday School

9:30 Class

  • Coworkers / Room C-153

9:45 Classes

  • Gate Keepers / Room C-151 
  • Path Makers /  Room C-150 
  • Becomers / Room AE-137 
  • Good News / Room AE 136 
  • Upper Room / Room AE 241 

11:00 Classes

  • Hopegivers / Room C-151 
  • Legacy Builders/ Room AE 230 
  • His Servant / Room AE 137 / Couples & Singles
  • The Journey / Room C250 (College and Young Adults)

LIFE Groups

LIFE Groups are about spiritual growth, prayer, friendship, and mission. They are meant to help us understand what it means to live for Christ and follow him with our life. All groups are led by leaders from our congregation and meet on weekly for about an hour. LIFE Groups officially start the week of February 5th and run for 1 year. However, you can join at anytime and will fit right in!

Women's Group - Tuesday 12:30pm - Led by Jennifer Wood

  • Young Adults (18 -25) - Tuesday 7pm - Led by Josh & McCall Garner
  • 25 - 40 year olds - Wednesday 6pm - Led by Josh Garner and Dan Wunderlich
  • Open Group - Wednesday 6:30pm
  • Open Group - Thursday 6pm - Led by Katie Layne & Jennifer Wood
  • Women's Group - Thursday 9:30am - Led by Jennifer Wood & Marsha Keech
  • Open Group - Sunday 6pm - Led by Gene Smith & Hoke Howard

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Join a Sunday Morning Group
Our Sunday morning groups are a great way to engage with others on Sunday. Each group last for about an hour.
Join an Adult Midweek LIFE Groups
Our LIFE Groups meet weekly for about an hour.