Tuckston Youth Internship

The Goal:

The goal of the Tuckston Youth Internship is to provide an opportunity to learn, grow, and serve in ministry. We know that God gives us different gifts, talents, and strengths to use as we love Him and love others. It is an opportunity to use those gifts, talents, and strengths to have a positive impact on students.

The Breakdown:

Interns will focus on 3 main areas each week.

Learn: Interns will learn what it means to be a leader of people and a follower of Christ..

Grow: Interns will meet weekly with the youth pastor to discuss opportunities to grow as a disciple. They talk through life. They discuss where they are, where they want to be, and how they get there.

Serve: Interns will have an opportunity to explore youth ministry by leading various youth activities and mentoring students. 

The Specifics:

    Click here for the job description. 

The Application - Applications are due by April 30

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