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  October 19       Kerry Mitchell and Isabella Kuriger

  October 26       Evvie Polley and Andrew Costello

 November 2      Brayden Edmonds and Courtney Coffeen

 November 9      Macey Matthews and Jacob Greenway

November 16    Mary Ella Worthington and Mattox Hinsley

November 23    Evvie Polley and Isabella Kuriger

November 30    Emily Hinson and Andrew Costello

 December 7      Lauren Worthington and Macey Matthews

December 14    Alexis Keeney and Jacob Greenway

December 21    Kerry Mitchell and Courtney Coffeen

December 28    Evvie Polley and Mattox Hinsley



  January 4       Brayden Edmonds and Isabella Kuriger

January 11       Macey Matthews and Andrew Costello

January 18       Mary Ella Worthington and Lauren Worthington

January 25       Courtney Coffeen and Macey Matthews

February 1       Jacob Greenway and Alexis Keeney

February 8       Kerry Mitchell and Isabella Kuriger

February 15      Evvie Polley and Andrew Costello

February 22      Brayden Edmonds and Mattox Hinsley

     March 1       Emily Hinson and Lauren Worthington

     March 1       Alexis Keeney and Mary Ella Worthington

     March 8       Mattox Hinsely and Jacob Greenway

   March 15       Courtney Coffeen and Kerry Mitchell

   March 22       Brayden Edmonds and Emily Hinson