Dear Parents,

Enclosed is the new acolyte schedule for the 11:00 service. Please keep this schedule handy so you will remember when your child is to serve. The schedule will also be posted at church, on the closet door where the acolyte robes are stored. If the church has your email address you will receive a reminder a few days before your child is scheduled to acolyte. You can also check the weekly bulletin under "Christian service" to see if your child is scheduled for the upcoming week.
If your child is unable to acolyte on an assigned date please call and find a substitute. The children, especially newly trained acolytes, do not want to acolyte by themselves. Phone numbers have been included for your convenience. Please note that Melody Montgomery would like to substitute if you are unable to switch Sundays with someone. Also, please make sure your child hangs up his robes after serving.
Thanks so much for allowing your child to participate in this important service. Feel free to contact me with any questions: 706-769-6246 or  
Nancy Case 
Acolyte Coordinator