College + Young Adults Ministry


Athens is home to thousands of college students and young adults.  You are probably in one of the most transitional stages of your entire life, which is fun but often overwhelming at times.  Whether you grew up in church or are new to the faith, we invite you to Tuckston as you seek truth and a stable foundation of love and acceptance.  Come grow with us!


Weekly Gatherings


College Coffee Hour

Sunday Mornings at 10am

The College Coffee Hour is our way of doing Sunday School at Tuckston. Each week w sip coffee, eat breakfast, and discuss how to navigate through this thing called life. Also - join us @ our 9am contemporary worship service.

Roots Bible Study

Tuesday Evenings from 7 - 8:30pm

Roots is a college bible study that is located at the Garner House. We enjoy coffee, cookies, conversation, and a real look into what the Bible says about life.

Join us at 439 Wood Lane, Athens GA 30605

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The Chapel

2nd Tuesday Every Month

The Chapel is a monthly worship service for college students and young adults. We meet in Tuckston’s chapel and have an evening of worship through prayer and singing to our Savior.

Ways to Serve

Youth Small Group Leader

Youth Small Group Leaders invest in the youth of Tuckston. They are disciple-makers helping youth love God and love others!

A Small Group Leader spends up to 8 hours a week investing into his/her small group. Leaders help with our main youth service called The Harbor and also connect with their small groups throughout the week.

If you are interested in serving in this way please email Josh Garner at

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The Internship

"I want to know more about God, how to follow him, and how to serve him."

If that describes you then you may be interested in our internship.

The Tuckston Youth Ministry Internship is a paid, year-long internship that runs from May 2018 – May 2019. The job is 25 hours per week and has a monthly stipend of $500. We have both youth/young adult & worship internships available. The purpose of the internship is to allow young adults the chance to grow as a disciple and leader while ministering to the youth of Athens.

To apply for the position please click here...

Other Opportunities

Tuckston offers so many opportunities for service! We believe in helping our local community through acts of service and partnering with local organizations to help those in need. We also offer domestic and international mission opportunities.

Click here to learn more about service opportunities at Tuckston!


josh garner

Director of College and Youth Ministries