Groups & Classes


Groups & Classes help you connect with other people, learn more about God, and learn what's going on in the life of the church. They take place outside of Sunday morning and are a great way to get involved. 


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9am - Senior Aerobic Groups

1pm - Bridge Group (Every other Monday)

Men's Basketball 


7:00pm - Young Adults Group (18 -25) - Led by Josh & McCall Garner and Bobby & Bess Forrester 


1pm - Cards & More Group

6:15pm - Class Study on Prayer led by Lynn Coffeen

6:15pm - Class Study on Origin of Bible led by David Knauft

6:30pm - Handbells Group

7pm - Choir Group

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9am - Senior Aerobic Groups

9:30am - Women's Group - Led by Marsha Keech

7pm - Worship Praise Team

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8:15 - Men's Club (3rd Saturday of every month)

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