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Tuckston UMC Preschool


The Tuckston UMC Preschool is a ministry and an educational program of Tuckston United Methodist Church, which supports and upholds our mission to serve the children and parents of the church and surrounding community.   Tuckston Preschool welcomes all children and families. 

Preschool hours are from 7am - 6pm

Tuckston Preschool accepts children 6 weeks - Pre-K




Our programs offer a stimulating curriculum in a loving and caring Christian environment. The curriculum is based on developmentally appropriate learning experiences.  We believe in the nurturing and encouragement of the whole child; cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual. We strive to provide a Christian atmosphere, which promotes respect for others and fosters a love for learning.  Because the Tuckston Preschool is a ministry of this local church, spiritual training of the children is an important facet of our program. Therefore, we have prayer every day, bible stories each week and Chapel at least once a month.

Our staff is CPR and infant/child First Aid certified, and we practice precautionary security procedures within our building. Our teachers uphold professional standards by attending workshops and monthly staff meetings. We strive to keep low student-teacher ratios by providing two teachers in each classroom.

All children should be up to date on immunizations, and the Tuckston Preschool must be provided with Immunization Form 3231. All PreK students must be potty trained. Classes are determined by what age the child is as of Sept. 1st.


Preschool Programs

Tuckston Preschool accepts children from 6 weeks - Pre-K. Below is a brief description of a few of our programs …

2 year olds

Emphasis in learning through play and movement.  Children learn a variety of skills: social, literacy, math, science, and art.

3 year olds

An extension of the 2 year old program.  Children gain independence as they are introduced to new social and literacy skills, math, science, and art.

Pre - K

Offers experiences preparing children for the realities of Kindergarten.  We plan activities for all personalities and learning styles.  Children learn material from the areas of social and literacy skills, mathematics, science, and art.

Enjoy this video of some of our Preschool Infants participating in Chapel!

Cost for all ages…

Full day monthly charge (until 6pm)

3 days a week - $420

4 days a week - $470

5 days a week - $510

1/2 day monthly charge (until 12pm)

3 days a week - $250

4 days a week - $265

5 days a week - $300

As need charge for after care (per day)

12:00 - 1pm - $10

12:00 - 2pm - $15

12:00 - 3pm - $20

12:00 - 4pm - $25

12:00 - 5pm - $30

12:00 - 6pm - $35


connie bowen

Director of Tuckston Preschool

preschool@tuckston.org / 706.353.1311