21   Administrative Council

23   WNS & Classes

24   SPRC

27  Guy Talk 101

30   WNS & Classes


 3   Great Day of Service

      Youth Car Wash

 4   Girl Talk 101

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Tuckston United Methodist Church is a body of believers in Jesus Christ which, by the power of God’s Holy Spirit, reaches out in love as God loves, nurtures the spiritual growth of all people, serves those in need, and witnesses to others to bring them into the saving love of Christ.


Tuckston NOW

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Mark Your Calendars

Saturday, May 3 - Great Day of Service - To learn more or to register click here

June 8 –12 - VBS

January 2015 - Holy Land Tour with educational opportunities, your hostess Anita Dean and friends from Tuckston. To find out more or register click here.





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Service times:

8:20 Traditional Service

9:39 Contemporary Worship

11:00 Traditional Service

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Answer Cafe

Answer Cafe is an online resource, Biblically based content from trusted Christian leaders, that helps you find faith based answers to questions about family, relationships, parenting and much more!