Adult Sunday School


We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings for Sunday School!  During this 10 am hour between our contemporary and traditional worship services, we meet together to grow spiritually and relationally with those around us.  See the list below for locations of each of our classes, and feel free to come as you are!



COWORKERS is a small class of seniors who study the International lessons. Rotating teachers lead and encourage discussion. Meets in room C-152. 

GATE KEEPERS is a large class of couples and singles of all ages, studying the Bible and other inspirational books. Rotating teachers use a lecture style format but encourage questions or comments. Meets in room C-151.

PATH MAKERS is a medium sized class of couples and singles of all ages. Rotating teachers lead lessons from quarterly literature followed by small table discussions. Meets in room C-150.

BECOMERS is a medium sized class of couples and singles 60 & over. They study the Bible and other inspirational books. They have two rotating teachers who use lecture but welcome discussion. Meets in room AE-137.  

GOOD NEWS is a small class of couples and singles of all ages, studying the New Testament with the aid of commentaries. The teacher leads discussion. Meets in the Prayer Room. 

UPPER ROOM is a medium sized class serving adults of all ages and stages of life. They share out of their personal lives using Bible study format and sometimes augmented with video small group studies. Meets in room AE-231.

FAITHLINKS / HOPEGIVERS is an eclectic group of singles and couples who study the scriptures using a variety of resources and seek to put faith into action in our community. All believers are welcome without regards to their current conditions or the obstacles they face. Meets in room AE-136.

LEGACY BUILDERS is a class of small class of young to middle age adults. They seek to learn how to love God and love others through Biblical teaching and discussion. Meets in room AE-230.

HIS SERVANTS is a small class of couples and singles doing various Bible studies. The teacher leads discussion. Meets in room AE-232.

THE College Coffee Hour is a class for college students and young adults. The class focuses on building relationships with other young adults. It is a time of building community and learning to love God and others!



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