Adult Ministry


Go therefore and make disciples... While this phrase is common to many and applicable to everyone, Jesus' commission to us becomes clear and pressing as we journey through adulthood. Our faith matures, and we feel led to shepherd the generations that come after us. The adult ministries at Tuckston encompass a wide range of ages and life stages, but through it all, we sharpen each other into the likeness of Christ and His call on our lives.


Ways to Join In and Grow 


Fellowship & Spiritual Growth

Join us for weekly opportunities to grow in your faith and build relationships with others, including:

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Mission & Service Opportunities

We have a heart for loving God and loving others, and we invite you to join us as we reach our community through:

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Lay Ministries

At Tuckston, we have wonderful lay leaders who have a vision to enrich the church and community through service, fun, and fellowship: