Do you need to talk?


If you or someone you know is experiencing a life crisis of any proportion, a Stephen Minister is ready to walk side-by-side, listen, and pray.


What is The Stephen Ministry?

Tuckston Stephen Ministry is an accountable lay ministry actively providing confidential, compassionate, Christ-centered, one-on-one love and support to those in need.  We serve as an extension of our pastorshere at Tuckston, caring for the needs of our congregation as well as our community.

Who are Stephen Ministers?

Stephen Ministers receive high quality training and continuing education to strengthen and equip this lay ministry in our congregation. Finances, family issues, medical problems, and life changes of any kind can cause us to feel out of balance or in crisis. Tuckston Stephen Ministers help individuals find Christ and healing in times of crisis by offering one-on-one, confidential care for as long as needed. Tuckston Stephen Ministers undergo comprehensive training that equips them with the necessary skills for providing distinctively Christian care to hurting individuals in and around our congregation. This is done with one overriding goal – We are the caregivers; Christ is the cure-giver.

Started in 1975, Stephen Ministries is a national program involving more than 10,000 congregations worldwide and more than 150 different Christian denominations. The name “Stephen” comes from St. Stephen, who was the first layperson commissioned by the Apostles to provide caring ministry to those in need.

If you would like to request a Stephen minister or for more information please contact

  • Ron Seerley (men’s referrals) 706-296-7970
  • Anne Morrison (women’s referrals) 706-296-7971